Things to know - Slope Bed

Slope Bed FAQ

1. Can the lighting also be retrofitted?
No, retrofitting is unfortunately not possible.

2. Are there any special features in the delivery?
Yes, the headrest is delivered fully assembled.

3. Is there a difference in the number of compartments in the headboard for different bed widths?
No, there are always three compartments in the headboard.

4. How does the lighting of the slope bed work?
The lighting can be activated by a soft-touch function in the middle of the headboard. A light touch or swipe is enough to activate the LED.

5. Do the add-ons of the Flai beds also fit to those of the Slope bed?
Yes, the add-ons can also be easily attached to the frame of the slope bed.

6. Is the insertion depth adjustable?
Yes, the insertion depth can be adjusted in five steps. From 61 mm to 157 mm

7. Is the slope bed oak solid wood or veneer?
The slope bed oak consists of birch plywood with a high-quality, slightly knotty oak real wood veneer.

8. Are there cable outlets for the slope bed?
Yes, there are even several possibilities. First, there are two outlets at the bottom of the back wall of the bed. These lead to the left and right inner compartments. The central inner compartment has no cable outlet. In addition, the headboard has two small cut-outs at the top for cable routing.

9. Are all flaps in the headboard equipped with push-to-open function?
Yes, all flaps can be opened using the push-to-open mechanism. Here a light pressure on the front centre of the flap is enough to open it.