Leonhard Pfeifer

Leonhard Pfeifer
Furniture designer & creative partner
Born in New Zealand, Leonhard Pfeifer studied Industrial Design in Australia and worked across a wide range of industries before establishing his design studio in East London. Since 2003 he has worked developing collections of furniture and stand alone pieces for design-led retailers and contract markets across Europe and internationally.
With extensive experience working across a range of design industries including consultancy, R&D and manufacturing, Pfeifer has a wide scope of expertise and a pragmatic approach to the design of furniture.
Strongly influenced by notions of modernity and dedicated to an exploration of furniture in combination with innovative experiments in manufacturing, materials and structure, Pfeifer’s work follows pure and geometric form to produce minimal compositions with fine detail intrinsic to the work. Pfeifer brings an enquiring mind and novel perception, with his work recognised internationally.

Products by Leonhard Pfeifer

Trai Wandspiegel Trai
Slope Sekretär Slope wall desk
Slope Bett weiß Slope Bed white
From €1,767.00
Slope Bett anthrazit Slope Bed anthracite
From €1,767.00